Programming Projects and Practices

A site dedicated to my passion for application development


Putting together this website.

Improving my skills on both
the frontend UI and backend.

Finally writing the principles
I hold dear as a software developer.

Combinding my hobbies
and my career.


James R. Galyen
125 Sheffield Rd.
Groveland, IL 61535

E-mail: See Resume
Tel.: See Resume

Thank you for your interest in seeing my Resume!

You are welcome to email me at or ask me on Linked In for my resume. Please also include your company name, your requirements, and a short summery of what the department you are potentially seeking me for. That way I can determine if your request is a potential fit for me.

I am very much a customer driven person. A large part of the satisfacton I get from application and database development comes directly from how much I can contribute in helping you.